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Sanding and maintenance of floors with the best price-quality ratio across Estonia

Sanding the floor first After sanding the floor

Are you worried about the wear and tear of your wooden floor or other wooden surfaces? Would you like to preserve their beauty and durability for years?

You don't have to worry - the Grinding Master will come and fix everything!

Sanding wooden floors can help remove signs of wear and scratches and improve the overall appearance. In addition, maintenance varnish or oil improves their durability and makes them more resistant to dirt and wear. 

How can we be useful to you?

Sanding of wooden floors

Removal of the old finishing layer from wooden floors by sanding and as desired: varnishing, oiling, oil waxing or tinted oiling.

Sanding of wooden surfaces

Removal of the old finishing layer from wooden surfaces by sanding and as desired: varnishing, oiling, oil waxing or tinted oiling.

Oiling, maintenance oiling or varnishing of floors

In the case of oiled floors, maintenance oiling should be done regularly. With this, we ensure that our floor will be bright and beautiful for a long time. Varnished surfaces can also be maintained.
If you are not sure whether the surface needs maintenance oiling, contact us and we will give you free advice!

Free consultation

We guide how to grind yourself

If your floor has been damaged insurance event as a result, you can also safely contact us.

If you send a photo/video, we will expert assessment and we answer the questions:

  1. Is it worth grinding or not?
  2. Is it possible to grind?

Good visitor

Since 2014, Lihvimeister OÜ has been engaged in the renewal, finishing and aftercare of wooden surfaces, i.e. mainly floors, stairs, terraces. In addition, we also sand smaller surfaces (e.g. kitchen islands, windowsills) if desired.

If extensive experience, reliability and the best price-quality ratio are important to you, you have come to the right specialists. We have saved worn-out floors in apartments and private houses, as well as in gyms, kindergartens, schools, restaurants and hotels. If your floor has been damaged as a result of an insurance claim, you can also safely contact us.

For high-quality work, we have modern machines and tools (e.g Bona, Laegler, Mirka). We use and give advice on finishing materials that take into account the customer's vision and wishes. Our work is basically dust-free, and we are always open to any questions regarding our field of work.

Whether in Tallinn, on an island or in the country of Wõrokes, wherever the floor is, we will sand it there too! 

See you at work!

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Completed work

Spruce wooden floor sanded and varnished (2) Spruce wooden floor sanded and varnished (3)

Spruce wooden floor

Sanded and varnished.

IMG_1475 IMG_1478
IMG_1470 IMG_1483

Renovated "Kalasaba" with a good mood

Sanded, puttyed and varnished. The owner is happy and so am I.

Plank floor sanded by a master sander, covered with environmentally friendly beeswax.

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Contact us and talk about your wishes. Together we will find the most suitable solution for you. 

Important information:

  1. If possible, ceiling lighting should be provided.
  2. There could be a toilet in the building.
  3. All wall sockets should have power.
  4. When sending an inquiry, photos/videos provide the most information.