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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to make spot repairs on a varnished or oil-waxed floor?

If the floor is covered with varnish, worn places, which are mostly tracks, chair table bases, cannot be repaired unnoticed - i.e. it is possible to repair a varnished floor, but then the repair places will remain visible. If the floor is covered with oil wax, it is possible to carry out renovation oil waxing. For example, a new layer of colorless oil wax is applied to the walkways with a roller, several layers can also be applied if necessary. However, you should monitor your floor and avoid this situation if possible.

How many sanding times can be done during the lifetime of a wooden floor?

There are no restrictions for this on solid wood floors. For other floors, for example slatted parquet, 3-4 times. It also depends on how straight the floor is, because the drum sander sands more in higher places and so the veneer can come off. In exceptional cases, of course, more.

What mistakes are made when grinding independently?

In most cases, a disc sander is rented, and it is assumed that the entire floor can be done with it, right up to the final sanding. However, to create a beautiful floor, professionals use 4-5 different machines, depending on the floor. Therefore, at each stage, a corresponding machine is used, which you must also know how to handle. A very common mistake is related to oiling. Oiling the floor can be done, but it is forgotten that after oiling, the excess oil must be collected from the floor. The consequence is that the floor remains stained and the excess oil does not dry. It is possible to save the situation by reacting immediately.

When is the right time to sand?

When the protective layer of the floor wears out, the surface of the wood becomes open to damage such as dirt, grime and various liquids. All this damages the structure of the wood. They can usually be removed by sanding, but not always. It is not wise to postpone the sanding work unreasonably far, because the deeper the dirt penetrates into the wood structure, the more difficult or even impossible it is to sand it off.

At what time of year should the floors be sanded?

By itself, floors can be sanded all year round. However, it makes more sense to do this work during the heating season, because then the wood is not wet and the finishing materials dry faster.

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