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Floor and parquet oiling, maintenance oiling or varnishing

Regular maintenance of wooden floors.

After sanding, it is necessary to maintain the floor regularly!

In the case of oiled floors, maintenance oiling should be done regularly. With this, we ensure that our floor will be bright and beautiful for a long time. Varnished surfaces can also be maintained.
If you are not sure whether the surface needs maintenance oiling, contact us and we will give you free advice!

How often should the floor be maintained?

Maintenance oiling must be carried out ahead of time - if tracks appear on the floor, it is too late for maintenance. It all depends on the exploitation of the floor. In institutions and social institutions, where outdoor shoes are worn, maintenance oiling is needed more often. At home, once a year could be enough. Other floors and bedrooms, which probably do not need maintenance oiling as often, wear out less.

Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder. If the floor no longer shines and gives a worn impression, it would be time for maintenance. The rule could be: sooner rather than later.

If in doubt, call us and we will advise you free of charge.

The following pictures are for illustration when maintenance oiling is delayed:

Why Lihvimeister?

  • We have 9 years of experience.
  • We work dust-free.
  • Customers highlight our communication skills and responsiveness. We always consider the client's needs and vision. We are open to any questions regarding our field of work.
  • We offer by phone free consultation.
  • We react quickly.
  • We do high-quality work with modern machines (e.g Bona, Laegler, Mirka).
  • We offer service all over Estonia. Whether in Tallinn, on an island or in the country of Wõrokes - wherever the floor is, we sand it there too! 

Free consultation

We guide how to grind yourself.

If your floor has been damaged insurance event as a result, you can also safely contact us.

If you send a photo/video, we will expert assessment and we answer the questions:

  1. Is it worth grinding or not?
  2. Is it possible to grind?

Be in touch!

Contact us and talk about your wishes. Together we will find the most suitable solution for you. 

Important information:

  1. If possible, ceiling lighting should be provided.
  2. There could be a toilet in the building.
  3. All wall sockets should have power.
  4. When sending an inquiry, photos/videos provide the most information.